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Movers Vs. “Movers”

June 1, 2015 6:40 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are many movers and moving companies out there. Hiring movers definitely can help make your moving process much less stressful, but some types of movers offer way more convenient services than others. Today we are going to talk about these extra services that some moving companies offer other than just moving your furniture and boxed belongings.

NJ Movers – More Than Just Moving Your Stuff

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  • Organize – Organizing all of your belongings before moving can be one of the biggest headaches. Some movers offer to professionally sort and organize everything for you, easing much stress.
  • Downsize – Downsizing can be very hard for some people. It means that there’s a lot of stuff that they have to go through and decide to keep or trash. Because they are “downsizing”, a good portion of their belongings must be given up. Doing so can be difficult physically, mentally, and emotionally (for more sentimental items). Some movers are professionals when it comes to downsizing and will offer their services to help you with your moving project.
  • Clean outs – If you’ve got a bunch of junk that has overwhelmingly accumulated in your home, certain movers offer clean out services. They will take out all of the junk for you.
  • Auction – Some companies will take items you want to auction off so you can get some money back. Let the movers know which items are to be auctioned, and maybe you can pay off a good portion of the moving services with the money that’s made from them.
  • Shredding – Special movers even offer shredding services if you’ve got a bunch of old unneeded documents piled up in your home.

At Tranquil Transitions, LLC is a company of movers that also offers downsizing, clean out, organizing, and many other extra moving services to people all over Central, Northern and Southern NJ, including such places as Basking Ridge, Somerset, Bridgewater, Bernardsville, Somerville, Totowa, Bedminster, Short Hills, Millburn, Califon, Mendham, Alpine, Chester,  Essex Fells, Brielle, Saddle River, and many more. For more information, contact us today at 732-980-9581 or 732-672-9231, or you can visit

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